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Look closely at the surface of this deck. What you don't see are nail or screw heads or the unsightly stains, splits and hammer marks sometimes associated with these conventional deck fasteners. All you see is the natural beauty of the redwood.
In recent years, several manufacturers have introduced hidden fasteners for connecting deck boards to joists. Other advantages of these fasteners include: no nail popping, automatic spacing of deck boards and simplified maintenance of the deck surface. Among the product names are Deck Board Tie, Dec Klip, Deck Claws and Deckmaster.
These fasteners may be somewhat more costly and their installation more time consuming than conventional nails or screws, but their overall effect can be dramatic. They are available both to professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Several manufacturers and the CRA recommend that they be used only with dry (19% moisture content or less) redwood.

you can find manufacturers who make deck nails and hardware on CRA's redwood branches page...

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