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All Select Heart or Clear All Heart redwood pieces were used. Redwood was chosen because its built-in dimensional stability made it ideal for the tight joinery and shaping necessary for this project. Redwood is also known for its beauty and resistance to rot and insects.

Decking — 1x6 redwood boards. Deck boards were finger-jointed at the ends wherever they joined another board.

Railings — 4x4 redwood railing posts were bolted to blocked joists with threaded rod to allow for tightening after wood shrinkage. Horizontal railings were then mortised through 1x3 strips which were in turn attached to the posts. Railings were also finger-jointed at the corners.

Screen/Bench — Built into the railing detail is a redwood bench made with 2x6's on 4x4 posts. Redwood 4x4 uprights support a trellis made with 4x4's and 2x2's. Copper sheet insets are framed in lx4's and 1x3's. A custom-made low voltage lantern hangs from the trellis.

Patio — A patio which extends the redwood deck is built with slate edged by terra cotta tiles.

Hardware — All connecting brackets were handmade of 1/4" thick solid copper. All fasteners were solid brass screws and capnuts with the exception of spiral deck nails.

Details — Every edge of every board including all lattice work was rounded over. All wood received one coat of Penofin oil.

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