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tj.gif (7583 bytes)Timothy Jones
Calasian Hardscapes
5769 Claremont Avenue
Oakland, California  94618

The owners of this Northern California house had an upstairs pine deck which provided a spectacular view of San Francisco Bay, but the deck was suffering from dry rot and there was no access to the backyard. They also wanted a backyard patio and deck to enhance their enjoyment of the garden and view. They requested a private seating area high enough to see over fruit trees. jdeck1.jpg (29808 bytes)

jdeck2.jpg (38516 bytes)

Wood craftsman Timothy Jones of Calasian Hardscapes designed and built a new upper redwood deck which descends down a redwood staircase to a landing featuring an inviting built—in redwood bench and screen topped by a redwood pergola. Copper inserts in the screen are chemically aged to a turquoise patina. A series of graceful steps lead to a lower redwood deck and then to a slate patio edged with terra cotta tiles. Part of the borders of the last two levels feature a matching zigzag pattern for extra design interest.
Jones’ meticulous attention to quality and detailing is shown in the use sturdy redwood lumber, rounded-over edges, and sophisticated construction techniques. He uses quality brass screws and handmade copper hardware. jdeck5.jpg (11350 bytes)

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