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Listen to the Redwood Deck Contest radio spot:

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Redwood Deck Contest
Radio Spot

Throughout April and May, you are going to be hearing radio commercials for redwood and the California Redwood Association/Workbench magazine deck contest.  These ads will be heard on KCBS, KFRC, KTHK and KYMX.  The message will be directing customers to their “local lumberyard” for contest information.

We hope you’ll join in the deck building excitement this will create by displaying free point-of-purchase countertop entry blanks and a colorful banner.

We will also be getting the word out with newspaper and magazine stories and direct mailings.  The contest is a worthwhile and profitable promotion for lumber retailers, so we urge you to participate. 

Order your free point-of-purchase materials while they last.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a great selling season.

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this page last updated: May 01, 2002