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S E L L    R E D W O O D
You need the right tools to sell redwood. We've got them here for you.


A R E    Y O U   L I S T E D?
Are you listed in CRA's directory of redwood lumber suppliers? Check the list and if you're not on it, send us information about your company.


redwood grades 
illustrated and explained

This poster, available to redwood lumber merchants, illustrates the general purpose redwood grades and their grade stamps. Text describes the characteristics and uses of each grade. The first poster is free.


Free!!! c l i p    a r t   f o r   a d s

(if you use this for anything other than selling redwood, you will get splinters every time you touch lumber)

FREE!!! Clipart


n e w   r e d w o o d   
d e s i g n   g a l l e r y

CRA's new Redwood Design Gallery helps you sell dream projects. Available from redwood suppliers or direct from the CRA. Also available for free download as a PDF file.


u s e   t h e   p o w e r   o f  
t h e   p r e s s

If you advertise in your local newspaper, it's very likely they'll run stories about your business. CRA can provide the stories and photos. CONTACT US for details.

CRA Bulk Order Literature Price List

o r d e r   C R A   l i t e r a t u r e
You can order from a wide library of literature using CRA's Bulk Order Price List which is available in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.


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a s k e d
q u e s t i o n s

Someone have a tough redwood question? Here are the answers to questions your customers are likely to ask.

g l o s s a r y

This is a glossary of redwood and lumber terms from the Redwood Inspection Service's grade rule book.




this page last updated: April 02, 2004