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t h e   l o u v e r s

Attach the louvers on top of the rafters with an over-hang of 18 inches. Each louver is fastened from above with 8d nails or 2 1 /2-inch screws, through predrilled holes, into the rafters below. Check rafter spacing with a ruler and mark each louver for drilling on the ground before installing. Louver spacing determines the amount of shade the shelter will provide. For moderate filtered sunlight, space louvers 4 inches o.c. If more shade is desired, space louvers 3 inches o.c.—you will require an additional 8 louvers for this spacing.

ready-made lattice As an alternative to louvers, consider using ready-made redwood lattice which will provide moderate filtered sunlight in an interesting pattern. Use 2x2 redwood as sup-ports and blocking. Attach the preassembled 4x8 lattice panels to the 2x2s with 1-inch, non-corrosive fasteners. For a more finished look, frame the lattice all around with 1x3 redwood fascia.

custom lattice You can design and build your own lattice pattern to meet your shade requirements. Layout the 2x2s for the custom lattice and assemble with non-corrosive fasteners before securing to the rafters.

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