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Raise the rafters and
construct the frieze

The frieze is a decorative element which can be constructed to match the railing design or a design element of the home. Since this frieze also supports some of the weight of the roof, it is constructed with a combination head and top rail.


Read-made 3/8-inch redwood lattice panels are trimmed to 12 inches wide by length needed--about 56 inches.


Use pre-manufactured dadoed 2x4s for the top and bottom rails. Trim all rails to length with opposite 22-1/2 degree angles where they attach to the 4x4 posts. Measure each post-to-post section separately, measuring from the outside edges to ensure a snug fit. Drill 3/8-inch drain holes in the bottom rails every 8 inches to prevent water damage.

Secure the head rail to the top rail with four 2-1/2 inch screws driven from the top rail into the head rail on both sides of the dado. Insert the lattice panel into the top and bottom rail dadoes and secure with 8d finish nails.




Assemble the frieze sections on level ground, and against a straight edge to keep them square, before toenailing them to the 4x4 posts. Complete the frieze with four trimmed-to-fit 1x3 redwood boards toenailed to the rails with finish nails.

The sixteen 2x6 redwood rafters join a 7-inch long octagonal 6x6 kingpost at the peak of the gazebo roof.


Cut the kingpost using a table saw, or buy a ready-made one. The eight main rafters trim to about 98 inches long with 26-1/2 degree parallel cuts.


Attach two rafters to opposite sides of the king-post. Center this assembly atop the gazebo with the rafters running ends set into the post notches. Drill pilot holes through both the rafters and the posts. Secure with 4-inch bolts.

The eight intermediate rafters trim to length after installation. Cheek cut and nest them between the main rafters at the king-post. Toenail the running ends to the head rail.

Remove bracing from the posts.


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