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Trim and install the decking


Install 2x6 deck boards with two deck screws or 16d nails per bearing. If you use nails, pre-drill holes at board ends to prevent splitting. Choose Construction Common or Deck Common redwood, grades with pleasing blends of heartwood and sapwood, for a long-lasting and economical deck.


Start the decking installation at the rim joist and notch the first row of deck boards to fit around the posts. The deck boards should trim to 22-1/2 degrees at their ends to butt join at the centers of the deck joists.

To ensure accurate trims and spacing, lay out the first section of deck boards without trimming or nailing them. Snap chalk lines across the boards along the centers of the deck joists to mark the end cuts and nailing patterns. Use a 16d nail to space the boards. Nail heads should be flush with the board surface.


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Next step
Raise the rafters

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