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Install the posts and understructure


The decay-resistant redwood grades, Construction Heart or Deck Heart, are ideal choices for the posts. Cut a notch 6-3/16 inches deep and 1-1/2 inches wide in the tops end of each 4x4 post for attaching the roof rafters. Trim the 4x4 posts to 9 feet 5 inches.

Cut a double bevel of 22-1/2 degrees beginning 5-1/2 inches from the bottom. Attach posts to footings at each metal post anchor with 10d nails. Offset the posts toward the center of the gazebo and make sure the beveled edges clear the sides of the post anchor so that the rim joists can be attached later. Plumb and brace posts.

Deck Understructure

The deck framing is constructed near the ground, so use Construction Heart or Deck Heart grade redwood. Use corrosion-resistant deck screws, nails and metal joist hangers.


Deck Joists

Measure and trim a single 2x6 redwood joist to span the width of the gazebo between opposite posts. Use a string level to guide you in attaching the metal joist hangers to the posts with 10d nails. Trim the center nailing block to height so that the spanning joist will sit on it. Secure the spanning joist to the post and toenail it to the center nailing block.


Trim ends of 2x6 headers to opposite 22-1/2 degree angles. Use 16d nails to attach the headers to the deck joists where the joist span become greater than 24 inches and where a whole deckboard will cover them.

Rim Joists

Trim 2x6 redwood rim joists with 22-1/2 degree opposite angles. Attach rim joists to the outside of the beveled posts with two four-inch, self-tapping screws per joint. Measure and trim the remaining eight intermediate joists to run from rim joists to headers. Attach with joist hangers.

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