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The curved seat supports are made up of 2x4 lumber sandwiching either the 4x4 rear legs or the single 2x4 backrest support. To shape the curve, make a template for a 36-inch radius cut. Mark the cut to start 3 inches in from the front. Use a bandsaw to cut the radius to a depth of no more than 1-1/4 inches. 

Finish the seat supports with a 45 degree bevel cut to match the armrests. Note that the end and center seat supports differ slightly in length and attachments. End seat supports Trim four 2x4s to 25-1/2 inches. Attach the inside seat supports to the rear and front legs so they rest on the top edge of the 2x4 main braces. Attach the outside seat supports level with the inside ones. 

Center Seat Supports Trim the two center seat supports to 22 inches. Using a scrap piece of 2x4 as a temporary spacer for the backrest, attach these seat supports across the main braces flush with the back edge of the rear brace. Use two 3-inch screws for each joint, angled from below and inside. Remove the spacer.

Backrest supports

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