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Why should I use redwood for my project?

Use redwood for its long-lasting beauty.
No other softwood has the rich beauty or long-lasting performance of redwood.

Use redwood for its dimensional stability.
Wood acts like a sponge; when it absorbs moisture it swells and when it loses moisture it shrinks. Redwood (shown below on the left) has thinner cell walls which shrink and swell less than other woods, so redwood is less likely to warp, split, cup or check.

left: redwood cell walls
right: loblolly pine cell walls

Use redwood for its natural durability.
Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to decay and insects.

Use redwood simply because it is a pleasure to use.
Redwood is a favorite with builders because it is lightweight but strong. It is easy to saw, nail and drill. Redwood has little or no messy pitch or resins.

Use redwood because it is easy to paint, stain and glue.
No other softwood holds paints, stains and other coatings better than redwood. Redwood also bonds exceptionally well.

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