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Quality architecture blends artistry and beautiful, long-lasting materials to create distinctive structures and homes. Redwood's value, versatility, durability, and dimensional stability skills have made redwood the architect's choice for years - for interior and exterior projects.

Lightweight yet strong, renewable and timeless, redwood's unique color and bold characteristics lend themselves perfectly to creating natural, warm accents or solidly elegant living areas. Redwood stands up to the elements with natural resistance to insects, decay and fire, and stands up to time with enduring beauty.

With so many grades of redwood to choose from, redwood can give you the exact look you're after and make any project cost-effective.

Grades and Uses

Grades and Uses

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Wood Users Guide

The Wood User's Guide to Green Building

Learn why redwood is the perfect building material to recommend to your clients.

Landscape Architecture

Redwood Landscape Architecture

"This booklet provides valuable "how-to" information for building decks..."
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