Energy Efficiency

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Redwood is one of the greenest building materials on earth in part because it is remarkably energy efficient.

The energy to produce redwood comes from the sun, whereas the energy to produce concrete, plastics and composites comes from burning fossil fuels which increases greenhouse gas emissions. Unfiltered solar energy is the cleanest energy source available, and redwood trees excel at converting that energy to beautiful, durable wood.

“The energy to produce redwood decking comes from the sun. The energy to produce plastics and composites comes from burning fossil fuels.”

But there's more to the story. When lumber is milled into decking and other products, bark, sawdust and scraps are collected and used to produce clean energy. Sawmills can use this biomass energy to power their operations and add excess electricity to the state's power grid, taking redwood's energy efficiency to a level manufactured materials never reach.

Green Living

Green Living Resources

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Redwood Forests Certified for Sustainable Harvests

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