Finishing Tips

Redwood is one of nature's most maintenance-free building materials, with unparalleled natural resistance to insects and decay. Applying a finish can help keep your redwood looking like new for years and lock-in the color and look you want.

Water-repellant finishes with UV protection and a mildewcide offer the most protection, while slightly tinted stains will last longer than completely clear finishes. Check our finish guide to for more information on selecting a finish. Regardless of the finish you choose, keeping redwood clear of leaves and regular maintenance will make refinishing redwood easy.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance Resources

The No-Maintenance Option:Naturally-Weathered Redwood

The No-Maintenance Option:Naturally-Weathered Redwood

Redwood lumber is one of few woods that can be left unfinished.

Exterior Finishes

Exterior Finishes Guide

California redwood is one of nature's most maintenance-free building materials. .

Interior Finishes

Interior Finishes Guide

Classic natural redwood offers a wide range of colors, textures and patterns to give richness to interiors in an almost endless variety of ways.

Painting Redwood Siding

Painting Redwood Siding: Extending Maintenance Cycles

Redwood ranks in the highest category for painting and finishing.