About CRA

Founded in 1916, the California Redwood Association (CRA) is one of the oldest trade associations in the lumber industry. From the very beginning, the association's primary mission has been to promote redwood products and educate builders and consumers on the advantages of using redwood.

This purpose was embedded in the association's early bylaws: "To collected and disseminate facts, information and knowledge of the value and usefulness of redwood and uses for which is is adapted to the end that its quality may be understood and its use increased."

Today, CRA continues to be recognized as the independent authority on redwood. To carry out its mission, CRA focuses on product promotion, technical services and lumber grading services.

Vision Statement

California Redwood Association leverages the collective strength of its members to communicate the benefits of redwood lumber in a way that complements each member's marketing and promotion programs. CRA's work enhances the long-term value of the redwood resource and adds value to the efforts of the redwood industry.

Guiding Principles

CRA is recognized as the independent authority on redwood.

CRA's message is factual and based on the best data available.

CRA communicates the members' responsible stewardship of forestlands.

CRA communicates its redwood message in the most cost-effective manner, taking advantage of the best techniques and technology. CRA's Redwood Inspection Service (RIS) division ensures that redwood products are manufactured with consistent quality and integrity.

CRA and its members adhere to all rules and regulations that apply to the redwood industry.

Redwood Inspection Service

The Redwood Inspection Service (RIS) division of the California Redwood Association is the organization exclusively authorized by the American Lumber Standard Committee, Inc. to formulate grading rules for redwood lumber. These rules are established in accordance with Product Standard 20-94, the American Softwood Standard, issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The RIS, a division of the California Redwood Association, publishes and maintains the Standard Specifications for Grades of California Redwood Lumber. In addition to redwood, the RIS supervises the grading of whitewoods in accordance with the WWPA and WCLIB grade rules.

For more information visit: redwoodinspection.com.

Redwood Producers

Big Creek Lumber Company
Big Creek Lumber Company
(831) 466-2426 Califonia Redwood Company
California Redwood Company
(866) 797-7474 Humboldt Redwood Company
Humboldt Redwood Company
(707) 764-4HRC (4472) Mendocino Redwood Company
Mendocino Redwood Company
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